The Right to Higher Education receives honourable mention

We are pleased to share that Dr. Christopher Martin’s book, The Right to Higher Education: A Political Theory, received an Honourable Mention, Outstanding Scholarly Publication on Justice in Education Award from the Philosophical Studies in Education SIG at AERA in April 2024.

The book has also received Outstanding Book Prize from the North American Associate for Philosophy and Education / Theory and Research in Education, and was the 2023 winner of the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education (CAFE) Outstanding Publication Award.


“Is higher education a right, or a privilege? This author argues that all citizens in a free and open society should have an unconditional right to higher education. Such an education should be costless for the individual and open to everyone regardless of talent. A readiness and willingness to learn should be the only qualification. It should offer opportunities that benefit citizens with different interests and goals in life. And it should aim, as its foundational moral purpose, to help citizens from all walks of life live better, freer lives. Using concepts and ideas from liberal political philosophy the author argues that access to educational goods and services is something to which all citizens have a right over a full life. Such goods, it is argued, play a key role in helping citizens realize self-determined goals. Higher education should therefore be understood a basic social institution responsible for ensuring that all citizen

Q&A with Dr. Martin

Should a person’s right to education end after high school? Dr. Christopher Martin’s recent book, The Right to Higher Education sets out a novel account of the point and purpose of higher education, something that has been a controversial debate both in public settings and in policy.

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