Building Academic Retention through K9s (B.A.R.K.)

UBC Okanagan’s popular canine therapy program explores how therapy dogs reduce stress and increase well-being in a variety of populations — from elementary and university students to law enforcement personnel.

Founded by Dr. John-Tyler Binfet, B.A.R.K brings together university students, trained therapy dogs and handlers in an effort to reduce stress, combat homesickness, foster interpersonal connections, and promote the overall social-emotional well-being of students.

Throughout the academic year, B.A.R.K offers sessions at the Library, in the Engineering, Management and Education Building, Fipke Building and VEDA Exclusive Student Living. You can find the dates and times of their sessions on their website.


Support B.A.R.K

B.A.R.K. receives funding from the Academic Vice President, Students’ Office. This funding supports all B.A.R.K. Initiatives — from identifying B.A.R.K. dogs with red therapy vests, supporting the parking expenses of community volunteers, and helping with research-related expenses arising from the various studies done in B.A.R.K.

You can also donate to B.A.R.K to help keep the program going!


Follow B.A.R.K

You can connect with B.A.R.K on Facebook, on Instagram, or youtube.