Each time we base our teachings in the oraliture of the Syilx, we acknowledge the origins of the story: Ntytyix ~ food for the “people to be”: providing us with nourishment to get the job done

How Food Was Given: An Okanagan Legend

In this re-telling of the Four Food Chiefs, with Sarah Alexis and illustrator Barb Marchand, it is possible to explore the meaning of the gifts from the animal people among the life forces (tmixʷ) of Earth. The diverse perspectives seen and heard in the story are vital to understanding Syilx ways of Knowing and Being.

Sarah Alexis is passionate about researching within the field of Aboriginal issues. Constantly working towards understanding more of her Indigenous history, Sarah is learning nsyilxcən and is an increasingly active member of her community and nation. Her interests include Indigenous history, Indigenous forms of health and medicine, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Indigenous language, and relationships.

Barb Marchand, the illustrator for this video production, is a published author, editor and illustrator of books for children and young adults. Her published credits for her work include: Kou-Skelowh/We are the People: A Trilogy of Okanagan Legends New Bilingual Edition; We are the People: A Trilogy of Okanagan Legends, Kou-Skelowh/We Are the People: How Food Was Given, How Names Were Given & How Tu (Trilogy of Okanagan Legends); Neekna and Chemai.


How Coyote Brought Salmon from the Okanagan Nation Alliance site, these teachings help us and our students understand the gift of salmon.