Indigenous Education Council

Bachelor of Education teacher candidates participate in a Water Ceremony during their Orientation

UBC’s Okanagan School of Education Indigenous Education Council (Council) shall provide the school with advice, recommendations and guidance for consideration to enhance the program’s: (1) academic and field education; (2) culturally-based, place-based and local knowledge and (3) community based research.

The School of Education Indigenous Education Council is committed to advancing Teacher Education by respecting localized protocols, principles and ethics in regards to the conceptualization, the development and the application of curricula.

The Council shall provide advice, recommendations, and guidance that promote, advance and support interweaving of Indigenous teachings, learning and First Peoples Principles of Learning (FPPL) across the Teacher Education program by:

  1. Reviewing and making recommendations for improving practice and policy education provided in academic classes and land-based education
  2. Assuring that the Education curriculum is focused on wise and evidence based practices that accurately helps, benefits and supports an inclusive approach to teaching and learning
  3. Advancing deep understandings and reflections about the imposed colonial laws and policies as well ensuing impacts on the contexts and histories of First Nation, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada through the Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations
  4. Engaging with local First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities (on-campus/off campus) and ensuring equitable representation of local and place-based communities
  5. Interweaving local and place-based knowledge throughout the Teacher Education Program
  6. Promoting, recruiting and retaining Indigenous students in the Teacher Education Program
  7. Empowering teacher candidates through cultural sensitivity, cultural safety, cultural humility, respectful participation, self care, and inclusive practices

Indigenous Education Council Members

  • Bill Cohen, Assistant Professor, Okanagan School of Education, UBC O
  • Terry Beaudry, Assistant Superintendent, SD23
  • Karen Ragoonaden, Okanagan School of Education, UBC O
  • Jan Hare, Associate Dean, Indigenous Education, UBC
  • Denise Clough, Westbank First Nation Education Manager
  • Wendy Klassen, Okanagan School of Education, UBC O
  • Adrienne Vedan, Director Aboriginal Programs and Services, UBCO
  • Jordan Coble, Westbank First Nation Councillor
  • Marian Louie, Lower Similkameen Indian Band
  • Edna Terbasket, Executive Director Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society
  • Sheldon Louis, Okanagan Indian Band
  • Maynard Macrae, Westbank First Nation
  • Cody Isaac, Student Representative