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The Okanagan School of Education’s story begins with our alumni.

We appreciate that as a member of our extended Education family, you have chosen to become part of a network that will keep you informed and connected to activities, educational opportunities, and updates about your former colleagues.

Alumni Stories

UBC researcher Angela Finley wants to ensure students’ hearts find a home at the university’s Okanagan campus—and beyond.

Finley, a master’s student in the Faculty of Education, is conducting research that looks at belongingness in education.

“The campus is new and exciting, and there’s lots of energy and ideas happening here. Because it’s a close-knit campus, I think it has a lot of potential for belongingness.”

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Alumna Tian Li learned a thing or two at UBC Okanagan, such as how to better prepare high school students in China.

After teaching at an international school in Beijing, for five years, Tian Li moved to Canada to continue her educational research.

“For me, online learning wasn’t as successful as learning in a classroom with teachers and other students, so I began searching for other education programs in Canada. I found UBC at the perfect time.”

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After playing sports and coaching for a number of years, Tyler Pentland’s decision to pursue university studies in education was a natural one.

“I developed a leadership role at a young age,” says Pentland, “and I became interested in teaching when I was playing sports.”

While taking Psychology courses at UBC Okanagan, Pentland decided to volunteer for John-Tyler Binfet’s School Kindness Study. It was while working with the students, Pentland made the decision to continue his studies at UBC Okanagan and apply for the Bachelor of Education program.

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Staying Connected

At UBC, we are committed to maintaining lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships with our alumni. Acknowledging both the work we did together as well as your new endeavors creates a strong bond that not only honours the past but also provides exciting new opportunities for the future.

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