Mentor Teachers

Join a community of educators invested in professor learning throughout ones’ career. The Bachelor of Education program focuses on theory-practice connections, offers extensive practical experience, and fosters professional learning throughout one’s career.

Tuition Credits

Mentor teachers are eligible for 3.0 UBC Okanagan tuition credits if they host a BEd teacher candidate for immersive field experiences.

Community field mentors are eligible for 1.5 UBC Okanagan tuition credits for hosting teacher candidate(s) during the Community Field Experience in May.

These tuition credits will be issued in the spring and can be redeemed for Okanagan School of Education graduate and post-baccalaureate courses and seminars:

  • UBC Okanagan’s Summer Institute in Education
  • Post-Baccalaureate Programs
  • Graduate Courses

Note: These tuition credits are valid for two years and are not transferable.

Field Experience Guide

This guide outlines key details about the field experience program at the Okanagan School of Education. It is intended to serve as a reference for mentors, administrators, faculty advisors, and Bachelor of Education students (year one candidates and year two interns).

Download guide