Christopher Martin

Associate Professor

Economics, Philosophy and Political Science, Education, Management, Philosophy
Other Titles: Faculty Associate, Department of Economics, Philosophy and Political Science; Faculty Associate, Faculty of Management
Office: EME3159
Phone: 250.807.8427

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Philosophy of education; Educational policy; Moral education; Moral and political philosophy; Critical theory; the humanities in medical education; Ethics education.

Courses & Teaching

(Undergraduate) The Culture of the School: The School as an Ethical Environment ; (Graduate) Readings and Discourse in Education; Mindfulness as an Aim of Education; Leadership for Inclusion and Social Justice: What is Educational Justice?


Christopher Martin’s Research Website

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PhD Institute of Education, University of London

Research Interests & Projects

Educational justice; democratic theory; educational policy; higher education; moral theory; moral education; professional education

My research is focused on the values and aims of education in liberal democratic societies and the implications of such values and aims for the structure and organization of just and fair educational institutions. I use concepts and ideas from moral philosophy, political philosophy, and epistemology in order to address contemporary issues of educational justice, curriculum, and pedagogy.

My current research is focused on two projects. The first is on the values and aims of higher education in liberal societies, and I am in particular interested in the extent to which, and ways in which, adult citizens have a right to post-compulsory education. The second is on the representation of children’s interests in democratic decision-making about educational policies and practices.

I am the author of Education in a Post-Metaphysical World (Bloomsbury). Available in paperback:

I am also the author (with Stefaan Cuypers) of R.S. Peters (Bloomsbury). Now out in paperback:


Selected Publications & Presentations

My full publication list can be found here: Google Scholar

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

Advisory Board, Centre for Mindful Engagement




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