2 responses to “The Science Behind Kindness”

  1. Mike Maxim

    I’m looking for information on how to sign up for your class
    Mike Maxim
    Thornhill Trustee

    1. Amanda Lamberti

      Hi Mike, what class are you interested in registering for?
      Our upcoming post-bac courses are available on:

      Our upcoming graduate courses are available on:

      If you are interested in registering for a post-bac course, please visit education.ok.ubc.ca/postbac and fill out the student information form. There is an option for coursework only.

      If you are interested in a graduate course, you can apply as an unclassified student: https://students.ok.ubc.ca/courses-money-enrolment/non-degree-studies/unclassified-studies/

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