2 responses to “Kids, kindness, and giant ears”

  1. Lallitha John

    As a secondary educator, I fully support the further development of kindness in the learning community. It is clear that students perform strongly in a positive learning environment. Kindness is the key to creating that environment. Thank you, Dr. Binfet, for your work in the elementary classroom. I would love to see this study continued in the secondary classroom. All the best in your research.

  2. Melissa Abenante

    As a participant in this study and an elementary school teacher, I strongly support the continuation of Dr. Binfet’s work. The perception and demonstration of kindness and empathy are two qualities that, I believe, contribute to a positive and successful classroom and school community. In addition, I think that these qualities enhance a child’s feeling of belonging. As the children suggested in Dr. Binfet’s initial analyses, there are many people included in the school community, like teachers, administrators, students, CEAs, and custodial staff. I cannot wait to read about the research. Good luck and thank you for all you do.

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