B.A.R.K. researchers seek grade 6 and 7 teachers for public speaking study

B.A.R.K. researchers Camille Rousseau, PhD candidate, and Dr. John-Tyler Binfet, associate professor, are conducting a study on canine-assisted public speaking and need participants for a focus group. This study aims to: 1) understand how teachers encourage and support students’ public speaking; and 2) identify strategies to reduce anxiety and bolster speaking competence.

Participants must teach grade 6 and/or 7 students. You will be asked about how you implement and support public speaking in the classroom, including strategies you use to reduce anxiety related to public speaking. Focus groups will take approximately 1 hour in January 2022. Participants will receive a $50 coffeehouse or bookstore gift card as a token of appreciation.

If interested, please contact Camille Rousseau at c.rousseau@ubc.ca with your name, school name and grade you are currently teaching.

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