STEP Student Martina Steuri: Recipient of Annual Essay Prize

Congratulations to Martina Steuri, a student in the Faculty of Education STEP French Education Specialty, who was one of the recipients for the annual essay prize in the Canadian Undergraduate category by the North American Conference on British Studies.

Shakespearian student Martina Steuri wins annual essay prize

Martina Steuri, now in the Faculty of Education’s Secondary Teacher Education Program, was one of the recipients for the annual essay prize in the Canadian Undergraduate category by the North American Conference on British Studies last November. The conference is an association of North American scholars and students of British culture from the Middle Ages through the present. It sponsors a scholarly journal, the Journal of British Studies, as well as several academic prizes, graduate fellowships, and undergraduate essay contests.

Steuri’s essay, “Too Evil to Feel Guilty: Guilt in King Lear and Macbeth,” was adapted from a paper for Sean Lawrence’s Late Shakespeare course last term.

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  1. Maggy


    I just have a few questions I hope you can help me with

    Background about me: I am a 4th year student in the Educational Studies (B.A Education) also enrolled in concurrent Education program, I/S stream (entering in my 5th and 6th year, B.Ed) at York University (Toronto, ON)

    1. Since I study Education and enrolled also in the B.Ed program, I wish to transfer directly from my program to the Education program here in UBC (high school stream). Is that possible? If yes, how should I proceed?

    2. I am trying to see if I’m on the right track for course and credit transfer. I am trying to match the same course names both in UBC and York. I am seeing that some of the 300 level courses in UBC are equivalent to the 2000 level courses we have. For example: 300 advance writing in French has the same course name and description with the 2081 advance writing French at York. However, whenever used the UBC credit transfer, 2081 does not exist. How would I know that I am taking the right courses?

    1. Amanda Lamberti

      Hi Maggy,

      Thank you for expressing interest in the Okanagan School of Education! Our Bachelor of Education program is a 16-month post-degree program. Our teacher candidates come into the program with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent at an accredited post-secondary institution. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree, depending on the selected pathway (e.g. teaching children or french), there is other admission criteria that can be found on our BE.d page under “Program Overview”:

      We also have admissions worksheets to help guide prospective students, here is the one for teaching adolescents:

      Our course structure is quite unique and a direct transfer may not be that simple. Here is a link to our courses throughout the 16 months to give you an better idea of program:

      If you’d like more information about how to apply in the BE.d program, we encourage you to call 1.877.807.8521 or email and our Student Recruitment & Advising experts will be happy to assist.

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