Innovative Learning Environments and Progressive Teaching (Paper & Podcast)

Kate Knox

Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Broom

City: Kelowna

Occupation: Teacher

Year: 2022


  • Education Policy
  • Leadership
  • Other


Educational structures and pedagogy have remained unchanged since the 1800s. This predictability and lack of connectivity lead to inevitable disengagement for learners. Research on 21st-century learning skills has suggested that more engaging educational environments and opportunities could readily support learners. A literature review and an exploration of student thinking and exemplars provided ample evidence to support Innovative Learning Environments and using open and more engaging tasks in creating powerful future learners. Some of the challenges in these newer learning environments were also examined, where collaboration, regression to previous practices and distractibility were considered the most prevalent. Still, the shift to this vulnerable and progressive way of learning has many parents and educators not seeing the value yet. Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) are thought to foster inquisitive and imaginative mindsets and are unafraid and confident about their future.

Student Biography

Kate Knox collaborates and teaches with Hilde Dietzel in an Innovative Learning Environment inspiring teacher change (ILETC).