Okanagan College – Women in Trades

Location(s): Kelowna
Age Group(s): Adult
Number of Placements: 2

Theme: Post-Secondary

Position Description

We recently expanded the Youth Division to increase the number of Girls in Trades camps offered in the summer months. A CFE student could help us with curriculum development and specifically with organizing the curriculum we already have and modifying the information to make it more accessible to elementary level students. We need to update and retool the workbooks for each of the Girls in Trades camps (Girls can Go-Kart too! and Intro to Trades camps) camps. We host grade 4-6 girls for a variety of trades experiences in one-week experiential camps held in the trades shops at OC. We are well positioned to continue with rapid growth in this area and also plan to expand into additional programming for women who are newcomers to Canada and for LGBTQ2SI+ participants over the next 2 years. The CFE student would work in the Trades office at Okanagan College alongside the WITT team, and assist with creating and developing these program areas.

Organization Information

Okanagan College is among B.C.’s largest trades training institutions and has a reputation for excellence. Skilled Trades BC acknowledges the need for more female apprentices in the Province of BC, and through funding provided by the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement, sponsorship for trades training is available to eligible and selected women who are interested in exploring a career in the trades. The Women in Trades team have been delivering trades training programs for women for 15 years and have trained over 1,400 women in the College region.

In 2024, Women in Trades Training is rebranding to become the Equity in Trades Training department.  The Women in Trades exploratory programs, the Step into Steel Toes program, the Indigenous Women in Trades programs, the Girls in Trades programs and any new program offerings we create will fit under the Equity in Trades Training umbrella.

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