Community Field Experience

The Community Field Experience (EDUC 442) is an essential part of the Bachelor of Education program at UBC Okanagan.

The purpose of the Community Field Experience (EDUC 442) is for teacher candidates to experience teaching and learning in a new environment that provides a more holistic view of those processes and that enhances the candidate’s formal teaching experience. This experience will provide candidates a distinctive context to showcase their educational knowledge and skills, while assisting them in forging connections with community learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Another important aspect of the Community Field Experience is the expertise and support that a beginning teacher can offer our partners. Candidates bring innovative ideas and new energy to the work that they do for our community partners. Candidates can participate in program curriculum development specific to the community partner’s needs, while gaining valuable experience being active members of the partner’s community. Finally, candidates greatly benefit from the knowledge and wisdom offered by their community partner and from the experience of working together to achieve the goals of the partner organization.

The Community Field Experience takes place every May.

Teacher Candidate Requirements & Resources

The Community Field Experience is designed to complement teacher candidates’ knowledge of school-based learning with experience in an alternative or additional settings and varied theoretical understandings and pedagogical perspectives.

After completion of the formative (school-based) field experience, teacher candidates complete a community-based field experience in their choice of local, regional, or international settings.

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Community Partner Information

Our teacher candidates can bring value to your organization, while receiving skills and experience that can expand their vision of teaching and learning.

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, we encourage you to review the expectations and requirements before submitting an expression of interest.

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Meet the Community Field Experience Coordinator

Rob Johnson is an Associate Professor and the Community Field Experience Coordinator at the Okanagan School of Education.

Prof. Johnson has a background in teaching and athletic administration.

You can contact him at or 250 807 8426.

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