Mackie Lake House Foundation

Teaching assistant

Theme: Museum / Cultural Education and Recreation / Outdoor Education
Location: Vernon
Age Group: Elementary

Position Description

The teacher candidate would run our outdoor classroom in an area called Fylton Forest during their time at Mackie Lake House (MLH). This would include enhancing the self-guided tour of the natural area and activities that would encourage students on a voyage of discovery. We would hope the candidate would find teachable moments during the discoveries made by the children. The candidate would be expected to lead and interact with the children during their time at MLH.

Expected hours Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
# of placements 1
French possible? The language used at Mackie Lake House is primarily English; however, there are French Immersion classes that will visit for the field trips and a French speaking student would be able to use their French skills when working with those students.

Organization Information

Mackie Lake House is a historic site. We offer free field trips for students that include time spent in an outdoor classroom called Fylton Forest exploring the relatively undisturbed flora and fauna, and a tour of the grand home on the property learning about the use of the land by the nomadic Syilx and then the British settlement of the area. Elementary students visit as part of a field trip with their class.

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