ic Infrastructure Corporation

Critical Course Reviewer

Theme: Educational Technology, Distance Education, and Public Education
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Adult

Position Description

The students will conduct a critical review of one of our cornerstone training products. We have a 20 hour e-learning program that forms the backbone of our ‘Asset Management Champions’ programs. We would welcome a critical review of this to highlight strengths, identify opportunities and new innovative ideas to include in a revamp. More info at https://www.michigan.gov/mic/am-champions.

Expected hours Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
# of placements 3

Organization Information

We deliver training experiences for public infrastructure owners. Towns and Cities across North America are struggling to deliver services to communities as their infrastructure ages and are met with more challenges today like climate change, growth, and rising costs. Our training equips them to make their difficult decisions a little bit easier.