skəm̓ xist

“Our afternoon visitor (Bear)” by Ross Robinson licensed under All Rights Reserved

The Syilx People are proud, and they have kept their culture alive in spite of years of government efforts to suppress, destroy, their language, their culture, the land, waters, plants and animals for which they have been caring for 11,000 years (Sam, 2013): skəm̓ xist ~ alongside us with traditional wisdom and ancient teachings

Okanagan Nation Alliance presents Our Salmon Our People

This video explores the impact of ONA Fisheries’s extensive work on the return of the Okanagan Sockeye Salmon from the brink of extinction. This collaborative project features original art by Janet Walker, and songs by Richard Armstrong, Salmon Feast Drummers and Jason Burnstick.

Full cast list:
Kelly Terbasket, director
Madeline Terbasket, videographer
Casey Dennis, animator
Jordan Coble, editor
Rick Sagayaden, associate producer
Lauren Hamilton, researcher
Sandra Shields, writer

Narrators include Delphine Derickson, Treyton Wardenburg, Jordan Coble and Kelly Terbasket.

Additional camera work was done by Will Swite, Brookes Coble-Sagayaden and Chris Mennell.

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