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Perspective is formed from your worldview. There is a distinct Western world view (Anglo-Euro Centric) and a distinct Indigenous worldview (which should be considered from a local lens, wherever you work and live and play. For us, that is the lens of the Syilx Okanagan People): Siyaʔ ~ there with creativity and imagination to help guide our disruption

Human Relationship as Land Ethic presented by Dr. Jeannette Armstrong at the 2002 Bioneers National Conference

In this video, Dr. Jeannette Armstrong illustrates how the En’owkin Centre, a First Nations-directed educational center, organizes itself by the “Four Societies” practice in relationship, action, tradition and vision societies. All voices are heard and valued equally. These reciprocal relationships are the foundation of Okanogan peace technologies for conflict resolution, democracy and community.

Dr. Jeannette Armstrong is a globally-renowned thinker on the relationship between land and Indigenous languages, demonstrating this through her work with the language and stories of her people. Jeannette Armstrong is a Syilx Okanagan writer, professor-scholar, and activist who has done seminal work on the relationship between her peoples’ language—nsyilxcen—and the Syilx Okanagan Territory on a vast area which covers parts of what we know as British Columbia and Washington State.


Decolonizing Education: Nourishing their Learning Spirits presented by Dr. Marie Battiste during a lecture sponsored by Sealaska Heritage Institute and the University of Alaska Southeast, PITAAS Program in March 2016. 

In this video, Dr. Marie Battiste speaks about injustices and inequities in education for Indigenous peoples.

Dr. Battiste is the author of Decolonizing Education: Nourishing the learning spirit, and many other works contributing to understandings related to decolonizing and its relationship to education today. Marie Battiste is Mi’kmaq from Potlotek First Nation in the area also known as Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Professor, researcher, leader in Aboriginal education, and formerly the Indian and Northern Education program in the department of educational foundations at the University of Saskatchewan. She is widely published.