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Summer Institute in Education

The Summer Institute in Education (SIE) offers excellent learning opportunities for all educators, as well as Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) upgrading and graduate electives. 

Designed for optimum flexibility, the courses cover a wide range of topics. 

Since 2007, SIE has offered a series of credited courses during the summer session at UBC's Okanagan campus.

In the summer, the campus atmosphere is active and inviting. The interactive, experiential nature of the courses and the weekly social gatherings provide meaningful times for learning and networking. 

Join the hundreds of people who have found the Summer Institute in Education at UBC Okanagan’s campus an empowering and enjoyable learning experience.

Summer Institute in Education 2018


To INSPIRE learners/learning is the ongoing complex work of teaching. Investing in the strengths and needs of our local and global contexts informs the theme of the Summer Institute in Education (SIE) 2018: INSPIRE. We invite colleagues to submit course proposals focusing on recursive, immersive opportunities to explore and examine what professional knowledge looks and feels like within multiple educative practices in school and community sites. SIE courses will be designed to purposefully strengthen the journey of professional growth, intertwining theoretical, content, and pedagogical knowledge. This year, SIE courses, while serving the needs of post-baccalaureate and graduate students, will also serve as electives for teacher candidates enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program. In particular, the Summer Institute in Education is seeking 3 credit course proposals to meet the professional and academic requirements of all educators including teacher candidates.

By responding to the multiple pathways of continuous professional learning, the Summer Institute in Education 2018 shares a commitment to INSPIRE career-long professional knowledges with a focus on four interrelated, growth-oriented goals:

  • To enhance the educational experiences of all children, youth, teacher candidates and teachers.
  • To ensure that the conditions, supports and practices are in place for teacher candidates to gain optimal induction into the profession.
  • To further the professional growth of school and community sites.
  • To strengthen education’s empowering roles and significances in the lives of communities.

To inspire and to be inspired is at the crux of SIE 2018 investing in professional learning over the continuum of an educator’s career through an IN-situ Scholar-Practitioner Inquiry to Re-imagine Education (INSPIRE).

Inspire builds on the Faculty of Education’s tradition of gathering educators, leaders, community members, and scholars seeking to develop critical and creative understandings of teaching and learning. This year’s theme offers participants the opportunity to examine and interrogate practice, praxis and research as they explore new directions in curriculum, assessment and technology within stimulating and dynamic contexts.

 By engaging with the complex and multifaceted layers of practice and inquiry, SIE 2018 positions that critical understandings of theory and pedagogy promote and provide conditions and emergence of optimal pedagogical experiences.

NOTE: Deadline for course applications is November 16, 2017.



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