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Summer Institute in Education

The Summer Institute in Education (SIE) offers excellent learning opportunities for all educators, as well as Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) upgrading and graduate electives. 

Designed for optimum flexibility, the courses cover a wide range of topics. 

Since 2007, SIE has offered a series of credited courses during the summer session at UBC's Okanagan campus.

In the summer, the campus atmosphere is active and inviting. The interactive, experiential nature of the courses and the weekly social gatherings provide meaningful times for learning and networking. 

Join the hundreds of people who have found the Summer Institute in Education at UBC Okanagan’s campus an empowering and enjoyable learning experience.

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Summer Institute in Education 2017

SIE 2017 

Imagination, Creativity and Connections

The concept of Imaginative Education emphasizes the all-important emotional connection necessary for conceptualizing teaching and learning as a dynamic, interconnected process fueled by creativity. This playful and holistic approach to teaching and learning has been embraced by many (Cohen, A., Porath, M., Clarke, A., Bai, H., Leggo, C., & Meyer, K., 2012; Dewey, 1916; Egan, 1997; Macintyre Latta, 2013; Miller, 1997; Montessori, 1917). By engaging students’ hearts, minds, and imaginations, learning becomes place-based, meaningful and intentional. These concepts support a rich collaboration of teaching, learning, and imagination in just, inclusive, safe and nurturing educational contexts.

How does the cultivation of creative and critical thinking impact on self, society, and others? Within the lens of a social justice perspective, how can we embrace the co-created and lived experiences that shape the minds and hearts of colleagues and learners? By asking these questions, the Faculty of Education invites our community of scholar-practitioners to embrace the 2017 theme of Imagination, Creativity and Connections. 

This year’s theme offers participants the opportunity to examine and interrogate practice, praxis and research as they explore new directions in curriculum, assessment, and technology in stimulating and dynamic academic environments. 

This summer we hope to: 

1. Explore innovative and creative teaching and learning activities that exist within larger social, cultural, historical, and political contexts that frame classrooms.

2. Understand and appreciate the evolution and relationships of society, education, and technology and discuss how it can change pedagogical environments through curriculum and assessment.

3. Acknowledge Ball’s (2009) vision of creating ‘communities of change’, attending to the social context of schooling, cultural knowledge, self-knowledge, and habits of mind. 

4. Share the results of practitioner-based inquiries by demonstrating how to approach problems of practice more intelligently, more inventively, and more intentionally


By engaging with the complex and multifaceted layers of practice and inquiry, SIE 2017 positions the critical understandings of theory and pedagogy to promote and provide conditions for the emergence of Imagination, Creativity and Connections.

NOTE: Deadline for course applications is November 15, 2016. 



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