Ethical and Legal Distinctions regarding ‘care’ with Dr. Gereluk

Dr. Christopher Martin, Associate Professor, is hosting a Canadian Philosophy of Education Society seminar. 

Dr. Dianne Gereluk, Dean & Professor, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary will present on Ethical and Legal Distinctions regarding ‘care.’ A long-standing ethical expectation in the teaching profession is the notion of in loco parentis (Latin for ‘in the place of a parent’) and the overarching notion of duty of care. Historically in loco parentis gave authority to teachers for the ability to use force (e.g. corporal punishment) to ensure students were obedient. In today’s times, school authorities acting in loco parentis owe a common duty of care to students on or off school premises during school hours and at times when they voluntarily assume responsibility for students. There is now a more demanding legal notion of a “standard of care” – to protect students from foreseeable harm and determine if there are negligence allegations. In this seminar, Canadian cases will be used to illustrate the distinction between these notions of care, and when there may be tensions in determining how a teacher responds.

Thursday, October 15
9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
Via Zoom

The event is open for all to attend. While attendance is free, you still need to register to receive the Zoom link.


About the Speaker

Dianne Gereluk’s research examines normative aspects of educational policy and practice particularly related to controversial issues in education, professional ethics, and civics education.

About the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society Seminar Series

The Canadian Philosophy of Education Seminar Series aims to create a space to support in-progress work in the philosophy of education, provide opportunities for pre-tenure/early career and graduate students, and contribute to the cultivation of scholarly community. Anyone working at the intersections of philosophy and education are welcome to contribute to the series.

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