Course Spotlight – Coyote Stories: Pedagogy and Praxis

New faculty member, Dr. Cohen is from the Okanagan Nation and specializes in the areas of Indigenous knowledge, research, education, and transforming pedagogy.

This upcoming winter semester Dr. Cohen will be teaching a graduate course, EDUC 562B “Coyote Stories: Pedagogy and Praxis.”

In the course, students will critically examine how respective Indigenous traditional knowledge stories and storytelling practices inform organic theoretical frameworks, teaching methods and practice in place-based schooling, community, and peoples’ transforming projects.

There will be a focus on Coyote Stories from Syilx Okanagan contexts which will extend to include Indigenous peoples’ stories and understanding from the Americas, Australia, Aoteroa/ New Zealand and other sites.

By the end of the course, students will have developed their understanding of reciprocal relationships between humans and their local ecologies; and understand indigenous concepts, ways and methods from Indigenous languages and practices, and the relational webs described metaphorically through traditional stories.

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