Director Announcement

photo of Macintyre Latta

Margaret Macintyre Latta, Director of the Okanagan School of Education

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Margaret Macintyre Latta has been appointed Director of the Okanagan School of Education.

Macintyre Latta has served as the Interim Director since 2018 with the Okanagan School of Education and was formally the Director of Graduate Programs for more than four years.

She received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge and her graduate degrees from the University of Calgary. She is a former classroom teacher at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. She began her post-secondary academic career as a Practicum Advisor and Professional Seminar Instructor at the University of Calgary in 1994, but spent most of her academic career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, starting in 2000 as an Assistant Professor in the College of Education & Human Sciences and as a Faculty Affiliate with Women and Gender Studies.  Over the course of her education career, Macintyre Latta has published and presented extensively– demonstrating her scholarly commitment to teacher education, foregrounding the primacy of educators in the lives of students.

As Director of the Okanagan School of Education, Macintyre Latta envisions the development of a vibrant community of educators, across all phases of career growth, and from  multiple disciplines, interests, and contexts, invested in learning together. At the heart of the OSE programs is the notion of a Scholar-Practitioner—cultivating educator identities as students of learning.

We look forward to continuing to work with Macintyre Latta as she brings her leadership approach of “pedagogically leading from within” – strengthening a learning culture that is learner and learning-orientated, responsive to place, research informed, organizationally dynamic, and inherently relational.

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