Faculty of Education promotes ‘research as habit’ during Research Week

Modelling Research as a Habit for All Educators will be presented by the faculty.Celebrate Research 2014

The faculty invites you to learn and celebrate the varied paths of research within the Faculty of Education.

When: Thurs. March 6, 2014, 4:30-6:30pm
Where: ADMIN 115 Okanagan Room
What:  Research celebration with wine and cheese

The research evening will bring the community and campus together to envision the future of education.

The event will feature short presentations from the following  faculty members:

Leyton Schnellert: Case Study Research on Teacher Collaboration in Support of Struggling Adolescent Readers

  • Dr. Schnellert is the 2013 recipient of the Canadian Education Association Pat Clifford Award for Early Career Research in Education for work in improving literacy among adolescent learners and teachers’ practices to support them. He will provide some insights into the significances of his powerful research focus on literacy, inclusion, and teacher collaboration.

Scott Roy Douglas: Research in Practice–Fostering Inquiry as an Additional Language

  • Dr. Douglas honors a learner-centered approach that is all about empowering individuals to invest in their own inquiries, fostering student success and confidence through his research practices. His new book, Academic Inquiry: Writing for Post-Secondary Success, brings these commitments together and reflects his passion for teaching grounded in ongoing research efforts.

Christopher Martin: Robust Questions—Research as Entry into Fundamental Educational Concerns

  • Dr. Christopher Martin raises questions such as: What does it mean to say that someone is an educated person? How do we know what’s worth including in a school curriculum? In Dr. Martin’s new book, R. S. Peters (Bloomsbury Library of Educational Thought), he researches the values, aims and purposes of education. In doing so, he puts readers in conversation with the understandings of the influential philosopher of education, R.S. Peters, alongside positioning readers to raise questions and pursue understandings of their own.

Karen Ragoonaden: Contested Sites in Education–The Quest for the Public Intellectual, Identity and Service

  • Dr. Ragoonaden brings authors together in an upcoming edited volume reflecting upon the transformative process of reconceptualizing and rebuilding a Faculty of Education in the 21st century.  The concept of scholarly culture is researched and illuminated from multiple perspectives by participating authors including Dr. Lynn Bosetti, Dr. Catherine Broom, Dr. Sabre Cherkowski, Dr. Susan Crichton, Dr. Barry Kanpol, Dr. Christopher Martin, & Dr. Pamela Richardson.

John Tyler Binfet and Amy Gaertner: Exploring Kindness in Primary Students–What Drawings Reveal 

  • Dr. John Tyler Binfet and Graduate Student, Amy Gaertner, research kindness in the classroom—from the perspectives of children. The kindness study importantly contributes to a knowledge base that helps educators, parents, and researchers better understand early primary students’ perceptions of being kind to one another and builds intentional pro-social activities into classrooms.

Susan Crichton: Imagining the Future of Education Together–Enacting the Balance of a Three Legged Stool

  • Dr. Susan Crichton is the Director of The Innovative Learning Centre (ILC), which draws strength from rich research partnerships among academia, education, and industry.  Through reciprocally beneficial initiatives, the ILC informs educational practice locally and globally through meaningful knowledge exchanges with its partners.

The faulty looks forward to welcoming you to this exciting event. No RSVP is required.

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