Trials and tribulations of writing, peer review and revisions

Dr. Karen Ragoonaden, assistant professor of Faculty of Education, spoke of her personal trials and tribulations during the peer review process

Dr. Karen Ragoonaden presented Trial and tribulations of writing, peer review and revisions

This interactive presentation focused on issues surrounding content and process of writing academic articles. Likening her journey to climbing Mount Everest, Dr. Ragoonaden encouraged graduate students and new faculty to become involved with the publishing process as quickly as possible. After Dr. Ragoonaden’s presentation, members of the audience described their experiences. Each participant discussed the importance of collaboration to the entire process.

Research Interests in Teaching & Learning: Second language acquisition, pedagogical techniques steeped in a communicative experiential approach to language learning, strategies which integrate web-based technology into language teaching and l culture and diversity in education. L’apprentissage d’une langue seconde, des techniques pédagogiques ancrées dans une approche communicative expérientielle, l’intégration de la technologie interactive d’Internet dans des cours de langue et en dernier lieu, la culture et la diversité au sein de la pédagogie contemporaine.

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The Centre for Research on Mindful Engagement (CRME) will be hosting several Professional Conversations speaker series throughout the year. In addition to the Stirring Minds Speaker Series which brings outside experts to the Okanagan, The Faculty of Education will be inviting local Okanagan campus experts as well as Faculty of Education and Graduate Student Speakers to the CRME to share their work with the local campus community.

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