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Post-Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificates

Teaching English and Additional Languages (TEAL)

Understanding the increase in internationalization in BC's school districts, there is an urgent need to prepare and offer professional development for English Language Learning specialists, Learning Assistance Teachers, and other district level consultants, school-based teachers, and educational practitioners in additional language teaching and learning to students in the K-12 system and beyond. Furthermore, there are increasing opportunities for UBC graduates to teacher English as an additional language in Middle Eastern and in Asian countries.  

Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education program is designed to prepare teachers to work with children and adolescents with diverse needs establishing inclusive practices in classrooms and in schools so that all students have equitable access to learning and achievement. The Certificate and Diploma will appeal to B.C. certified graduates who are currently employed as, or who wish to become, Learning Assistance Teachers or Resource Teachers. The program will also appeal to classroom teachers who wish to create inclusive environments in their instructional practice.

Language and Literacy Education (certificate only)

The Language and Literacy Education program is designed for teachers and educational leaders who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge in areas of Literacy and Language Arts including oral and written communication, reading, children's and adolescents' literature, English education, ESL, literacy in the content areas, new media literacy, assessment, and literacy for diverse learners.

Early Learning

The Early Learning Certificate / Diploma Program is currently being reviewed. Entry into this program is currently unavailable. Early childhood is a critically important period for establishing strong foundations for life long learning and wellbeing. The Early Learning Certificate/Diploma provides educational professionals with the philosophy, understanding and skills to create optimal learning environments, assess children appropriately, and design learning experiences to support children's development. The program will appeal to those who are new to teaching kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and primary grades. It will also be of interest to experienced teachers who wish to expand their theoretical understandings in order to enhance learning opportunities for young children.

The Early Learning Certificate/Diploma program responds to a number of British Columbia Ministry of Education Initiatives such as Full-Day Kindergarten, Strong Start B.C. and Ready, Set, Learn.

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