Second Annual Scholar-Practitioner Conference 

Scholar-Practitioner Conf. 2017

WHERE: UBC Okanagan, Engineering, Management and Education building Room 0050
WHEN: Monday, August 28, 2017 | 10 AM 

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The Scholar Practitioner Conference is an opportunity for all educators to foster and enhance professional knowledge and understanding. Community educators, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty are invited to present curricular innovations, their research and/or professional projects.

This is an opportunity to learn from one another, gain new perspectives, and dialogue critically and thoughtfully with colleagues about important issues in the field. 

At its heart, the Scholar-Practitioner Conference is a teaching exercise. Everyone is invited to participate, whether as a listener or presenter.


Schedule for the Day

10-11:00amDean Frank


WELCOME – Margaret Macintyre Latta


    Dean Blye Frank
    presents "Who is the Learner at the Centre of the Scholar-Practitioner Initiative?"


CONFERENCE TIPS – John-Tyler Binfet



Pickup your lunch outside EME 0050 and bring it to the sessions below.



PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 1121        Chair:  Scott Roy Douglas, Assistant Professor, UBCO                    

    Beating the Grade 4 Slump:  A look at Grade 3
    Grade 3 is a pivotal year in written literacy development. This proposal presents the findings of a study analyzing 225 grade 3 writing samples.
    Hetty Roessingh, Professor, University of Calgary

    Creative Coding:  Using Visual Programming Platforms to Enhance Arts and Expressive Language Use
    Creative coding—coding for expression rather than function—can be undertaken in K-9 classrooms using visual programming languages (VPLs).
    Robert Campbell, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, UBCO

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 2181-2         Chair:  Christopher Martin, Assistant Professor, UBCO

    Educational Opportunities: Efficiency, Democracy and Egalitarianism
    A discussion between egalitarian, democratic and market-based educational philosophers.
    Erik Nielsen, MEd Student UBCO

    Complicated Curricular Conversations and the Cultivation of a Cosmopolitan Teaching Practice
    The intersections of cosmopolitanism, global citizenship, and democracy in relation to K-12 educative contexts.
    Kyle Hamilton, Faculty Advisor, Faculty of Education, UBCO

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 2141         Chair:  Margaret Macintyre Latta, Professor, UBCO

    School Organizational Structures and Conditions in Support of Curriculum-Making
    Exploring curricular enactment embracing critical and creative thinking within action.
    Wendy Briggs, Principal, Tamalee Middleton, Vice Principal, School District No. 23 & Margaret Macintyre Latta, Professor, Faculty of Education UBCO

    Through a Different Lens
    Empowering teacher inquirers to make learning engaging and relevant for students.
    Leyton Schnellert, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, UBCO & Judith King, District Helping Teacher, School District No.67

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 1123        Chair:  Catherine Broom, Assistant Professor, UBCO         

    The Making of Communitas: Parents and Teachers Connecting in Liminal Spaces through Story, Dialogue, and Literacies of Knowing
    Disrupting the normative ways educators and families coexist on the margins and boundaries that divide school and home.
    Donna Kozak, Doctoral Candidate UBCO

    Communicating Student Learning with FreshGrade
    FreshGrade navigates a digital portfolio, which offers parents a window into the classroom as they receive regular updates about their child’s learning.
    Stephanie Tobin, French Immersion Teacher, Glenmore Elementary



ROUNDTABLE CONVERSATIONS, EME 1123    Chair:  John-Tyler Binfet, Assistant Professor, UBCO                        

    The Rise of Precarious Faculty in Higher Education
    The experiences of precarious faculty in higher education institutions in British Columbia.
    Lisa Allen, Doctoral Student UBCV

    The Impact of Blended Communities of Practice on Teacher Learning in a Rural School District in British Columbia
    Connected Learning in Rural BC
    Brooke Haller, MA Student UBCO

    An Exploratory Study to Identify the Equilibrium Threshold Concepts for Students in Chemistry Education:  Promoting Change in Thinking and Understanding
    Identifying and describing chemical threshold concepts, through the lens of students in order to promote change in thinking towards mastery understanding of this concept.
    Donna-Leigh Goodman, Doctoral Student UBCO

    Re-thinking and Re-imagining Mathematical Pedagogies for Student Success
    A research infused math framework changes the way our students think, reason and dialogue in mathematics.
    Kendra Jacobs, MA Student UBCO

    Kindness Matters: Embracing a Social Emotional Learning Community in Schools
    Follow our school's journey to support children in becoming responsible, contributing citizens.
    Karen Switzer, Faculty Advisor, Faculty of Education, UBCO & Robyn Cassan, Teacher, School District No.23

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 1121        Chair:  Margaret Macintyre Latta, Professor, UBCO

    Large-Scale, Arts-Based, Interdisciplinary Curricular Projects
    A partnership with a local symphony, school district, and the university, explores what a large-scale arts project looks and feels like for educators and students embracing interdisciplinary connections.
    Rhonda Draper, Teacher, School District No. 23

    Home in a New Rhythm: Theory/Practice and the New Curriculum
    Important intersections between teacher education, BC's redesigned curriculum and the field of curriculum studies
    Kelly Hanson, Doctoral Student & Faculty Advisor, Faculty Education, UBCO

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 2141        Chair:  Sabre Cherkowski, Associate Professor, UBCO

    An Exploration into the Humanness of Community
    Teachers’ personal accounts of their experiences in a Professional Learning Community, exploring how humanness influences professional learning.
    Jennifer Kelly, Doctoral Student, UBCO

    A Mindful Teaching Community: Possibilities for Professional Learning
    Mindfulness and mindful practices such as deep listening, dialogue, non-judgement and attention in the classroom.
    Clay Mcleod, Ryan Scorgie, & Lori Hazel, Educators at Springvalley Middle School

PAPER PRESENTATIONS, EME 2181-2        Chair:  Susan Crichton, Associate Dean, UBCO;

    The Continuous Relationship of Speech and Literacy Development
    The relationship of spoken multisyllabic-word (MSW) phonology to school-aged children’s literacy is articulated.
    Glenda Mason, Instructor & Research Associate, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences UBCV

    Service-Learning as Communty Field Opportunity
    Teaching in an international setting?  This session shares experiences from a literacy project situated in rural schools in northern Ghana, West Africa.
    Susan Crichton, Associate Dean Faculty of Education, UBCO and Cindy Bourne, Doctoral Candidate UBCO

    Designing Good Global Experiences in Challenging Contexts
    Designing global experiences for students when those experiences are situated in challenging contexts.
    Cindy Bourne, Doctoral Candidate UBCO


CLOSING PRESENTATION, EME 0050        Chair:  Philip Balcaen, Associate Professor, UBCO            

    A Vision for Aboriginal Education
    This session will focus on embedding Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives, highlighting that culture is a type of medicine that can connect students to learning outcomes.
    Terry-Lee Beaudry, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Central Okanagan Public Schools
    Kevin Kaiser, Aboriginal Resource Support Teacher K-12, Central Okanagan Public Schools

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