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Vicki Green Graduate Award

An award in the amount of $2,100 has been endowed by Dr. Vicki Green, a member of the Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. The award is offered to a graduate student in the Faculty of Education, Okanagan campus, studying issues in social, economic, ecological, environmental and/or political sustainability. Candidates for the award are selected based on how their research will implement contemplative, transformational, imaginative, or creative interdisciplinary understandings in sustainability for children, youth, or teachers. The award is made on the recommendation of a selection committee comprised of members of the Faculty of Education.

Vicki Green Graduate Award Application Form - Due May 1st.

Please submit the nomination, along with supporting documents, to the Director of Graduate Programs in Education Dr. Margaret Macintyre Latta

2017 Awards

Vicki Green Graduate Award Winner: Cynthia Bourne

Award Winners 5

Stephen Daniel Pope Graduate Student Award: Loic Fauteux-Goulet

Award Winners 2

Outstanding PhD Conference Presentation: Jennifer Kelly

Award Winners

Outstanding Master of Education Project & Outstanding Master-level Student: Kyle Hamilton

Award Winners 3

Outstanding PhD Student: Kelly Hanson

Award Winners 4

Outstanding Master-Level Conference Presentation: Tian Li
(no picture available)


2016 Awards

Vicki Green Graduate Award Winner: Kathryn Struik 

Stephen Daniel Pope Graduate Student Award: Naryn Searcy

PhD Oustanding Conference Presentation: Jennifer Kelly

PhD Outstanding Publication: Kelly Hanson

MA Outstanding Thesis: Kim Ondrik

Outstanding Master Student: Desireé Marshall-Peer

Outstanding Project M.Ed Student: Cara Santucci


2015 Awards

Vicki Green Graduate Award Winner 2015   Doryan Elliott


Graduate Student Recognition Awards

The Faculty of Education recognizes up to eight meritorious students enrolled in programs leading to a graduate degree each year. Awards are made on the basis of applicants’ academic excellence, potential contribution, and relevant interactions and characteristics. Awards are open to students currently enrolled in graduate studies in the Faculty of Education and to recent graduates within one year of degree completion. Awards will be determined at the conclusion of the Winter 2 term on a yearly basis.
Deadline May 15th. 

To be eligible for the recognition awards applicants must:

  • Be registered as a graduate student in the Faculty of Education or be a recent Master or Doctoral level graduate of the Faculty of Education (maximum of one year beyond the receipt of degree).
  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or an international student with a valid study permit.
  • Have completed at least one term of their graduate degree at UBC's Okanagan campus.
  • Have obtained a first-class standing across completed graduate level coursework to be eligible to receive funding (for UBC courses, first class standing is 80% and higher).

Graduate Student Recognition Award Application

 The Education Graduate Student Recognition Awards include a diverse list of achievements for our MA, MEd and PhD students:

Outstanding Master-Level Graduate Student Award
Outstanding Doctoral-Level Graduate Student Award
Master of Education Outstanding Project Award
Doctoral Studies Outstanding Conference Presentation Award
Master-Level Outstanding Conference Presentation and/or Publication Award
Master of Arts Outstanding Thesis Award
Doctoral Studies Outstanding Publication Award
Doctoral Studies Outstanding Conference Presentation Award
Doctoral Studies Outstanding Dissertation Award


Scholarship Opportunities


2016-2017 Nomination Deadlines

Faculty of Education Internal Deadlines

2017-2018Award Cycles

August 1

 July 15
September (2017WT1)

November 2 

 October 15
January (2017WT2)

April 1

 March 15
May (2018S)


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