EDST 498B: Critical Place–Based Pedagogy for Culturally Responsive Teaching

July 2 – July 19 (Tuesday to friday )   |    9:00 A.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Format: In-person

Through research-informed, transdisciplinary, and decolonization frameworks, participants will explore their sense of place and embrace multiple perspectives. This exploration is founded on the understanding of place-based education as an opportunity for rich engagement situated in context and as a way to build cultural competence. Through the recognition of all teaching as situated in place, this course aims to cultivate critical and engaged understandings of place as diversely experienced.

It will explore substantive topics (including but not limited to): Colonialism and decolonization, instructor positionality, and social, cultural, political, and economic contexts of place, with a focus on facilitating culturally safe and accessible place-focused learning.

This course will encourage participants to be self-reflexive and rigorous in their analysis of texts and teaching and learning strategies, and to direct applications to their current or future professional practice area. It will include in-person inquiry focused fieldwork and a curriculum design project.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • engage in critical place-based learning (PBL), situated on the territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, acknowledging and decolonizing leadership and pedagogy as part of reconciliation for Canada’s histories of colonialism, systemic racism and inequities.
  • recognize, adapt, and evaluate culturally responsive and place-based learning theories, methods, and concepts to enhance their skills as facilitators of critical place-based learning.
  • use critical thinking skills to interrogate topics over time and place, with consideration to multiple perspectives, power structures, and social justice.
  • reflect on their own positionality in place and demonstrate a respectful standpoint towards all peoples’ lived experiences of place.
  • employ skills in culturally responsive pedagogy and inclusive curriculum (re)design, instruction, and assessment based on the design principles of PBL and Universal Design for Learning.

Leslie Finley

Leslie is privileged to live and work on the traditional ancestral territory of the Syilx Okanagan people. Her research and educational practice is focused on curriculum design for critical place-based learning, drawing on experiences learning and teaching in the Okanagan region. Leslie has developed and taught community-based environmental education programs and worked extensively with both local public-sector and non-profit organizations supporting initiatives for youth leadership in nature and ecological stewardship. Leslie is also a certified Park Interpreter and a Field Leader with the Outdoor Council of Canada. Leslie is particularly passionate about staying curious in the classroom and finding sustainable ways to support all students.

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