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Graduate Studies 2017

Graduate Programs


Explore Education.
Join us in the journey- MEd, MA, and PhD degree routes.

Participate in an Intellectual Community designed to promote critical thinking around contemporary educational issues. Personalized programming and transformative instruction allow students to select coursework that holds relevance for their professional development and aspirations.


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Think Local, Think Global

Responsive ways to productively attend to local contexts alongside the pressures and promises of a globalizing world, form the tasks of educating in classrooms today. Students will work together with their supervisors to design programs that uniquely meet their interests and goals by choosing courses that cut across our four program themes of curriculum, digital learning, diversity, and educational leadership and policy.  
Graduates will bring renewed and informed understandings to their educative roles locally and globally in early childhood, K-12, post secondary, alternative, and community educational settings, as they attend to the complexities of teaching and learning meaningfully and effectively.

Why choose graduate programs in education at UBC Okanagan?

Key Features Characterizing Our Graduate Programs:


Learn alongside faculty currently conducting research and contributing to the contemporary educational scholarship
Plan a unique program of study that meets your needs and interests, derived from individual questions and professional goals, productively complicated by the voices and experiences of other educators/scholars
Work closely with faculty who care deeply about education and want to invest in your professional growth
Inquire through core interdisciplinary coursework infusing theory and practice across multiple interests and content, with
additional selected coursework advancing a research area of personal interest
Participate in a rich, caring, and supportive community of practitioner-scholars concretely negotiating key educational concepts
Explore your own understanding of Education, through studies that thoughtfully deepen lived curricular connections between educational theories and practices, grounded in social justice.


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