TV Production for Schools

Kevin Nickel

Supervisor: Dr. Robert Campbell

City: Kelowna

Occupation: Teacher

Year: 2022


  • Digital Learning


TV Production for Schools helps educators seeking to implement and amplify student voices in schools through a creative medium. Beginning a publication can be difficult, so this website aims to provide concise details to begin the process effectively. Including insights on topics such as building a team of students to run the production, recommendations for recording equipment and software, tutorials on the basics of the editing process, and how to get started with publication, the focus of this resource is on constructing a strong foundation for generating and sharing creative content in a school environment. Lastly, research is included to begin illuminating how media might influence school culture. The goal of this resource is to ease the process for educators and their students to begin creating.

Student Biography

Kevin Nickel is a high school teacher in the Central Okanagan School District. He has taught digital arts, with a focus on filmmaking and photography, for almost a decade. His Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and now Master of Education programs have all been through UBC’s Okanagan campus.