Social Emotional Learning Strategic Plan for Elementary Educators

Charlene Siddon

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Arthur

City: Kelowna

Occupation: Teacher

Year: 2021


  • Curriculum
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing


The purpose of this capstone project was to develop a strategic plan for teaching social emotional learning (SEL) in any elementary school setting. The rationale is based on current research that supports educators in redesigning education to focus on the development of emotional intelligence as the foundation for learning. Successful SEL in schools begins with building awareness, commitment, and ownership. It is achieved by developing a rationale and vision that can be shared with all stakeholders such as teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members.

I have provided a rationale and sample vision statement along with a curricular map that outlines the SEL focus areas for each month which connect to specific SEL competencies. The corresponding link to BC’s redesigned core competencies combined with the template for educators helps to promote a deeper understanding of SEL for teachers. The sample lesson plans illustrate best teaching practices by giving students voice and choice, and by providing collaborative and cooperative learning experiences. Each sample lesson clearly connects First Peoples Principles of Learning to SEL competencies and the core competencies.

In addition to the lesson plans, I have provided a detailed evaluation rubric and response to intervention (RTI) learning tier to assist the SEL team in collecting data to help reassess SEL needs and practicing continuous SEL improvement. I have created and included a professional development presentation to further promote SEL for adults along with a curated list of online resources. It is my hope that this strategic plan can be used as a resource by educators and catalyze a paradigm shift that emphasizes the importance of social emotional well-being in the classroom.

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Student Biography

Charlene Siddon taught in Victoria and Haida Gwaii before making Kelowna her home in 2001. She strongly believes in helping students develop their emotional intelligence and just accepted a position where she will be doing just that. Charlene enjoys spending time with her husband and two adult children.