Innovative Learning Environments: The Power of Creating a Learning Community Among Students and Staff

Heather Letkeman

Supervisor: Dr. Sabre Cherkowski

City: Kelowna

Occupation: Teacher

Year: 2021


  • Curriculum
  • Education Policy
  • Leadership


Since time immemorial, from our First Peoples to the industrial revolution, to the present day, education has had one purpose: to prepare students for the world in which they live. Throughout my teaching career, I have realized that the world in which my students live is changing rapidly. Thus, I have had to continually evolve my practice to best suit the needs of my current students. My Capstone Project will focus on the innovative learning community I have created, and the perceived benefits for both students and staff.

Student Biography

Heather has been teaching for 15 years in Scool District #23. She is an avid nature lover, who enjoys being active outside with friends and family.