How Service Learning Can Serve Social and Emotional Learning: A Framework for Evaluation

Daryl Klassen

Supervisor: Dr. Lynn Bosetti

City: Kelowna

Occupation: Principal

Year: 2022


  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing


This paper aims to create a theoretical framework to explore how service-learning and social and emotional learning can allow a school to fulfill its mission by fostering academic excellence, instilling SEC, and creating alumni who continue to serve. It will begin by providing a brief overview of S-L and social and emotional learning (SEL). Following these definitions, the paper will outline a theoretical framework and present a preliminary literature review designed to examine three primary questions:

  1. What role does S-L play in fostering students’ academic achievement and SEC?
  2. Does S-L create students who continue to serve beyond graduation?
  3. What role does critical awareness play in ensuring students who participate in S-L do not reinforce colonialism?

It will then shift focus to examining how a school could implement S-L and measure if it is meeting the outcomes stated in its mission statement, specifically about creating responsible, socially skilled, healthy, caring, and contributing citizens who love and serve others.

Student Biography

I am a husband, father of twins, educator, and high school principal. I acknowledge that I reside, work, and educate on the ancestral, traditional, and unceded lands of the Sylix Okanagan people