Destreaming the Ontario Grade Nine English Curriculum

Kelly Bond

Supervisor: Dr. Lynn Bosetti

City: Mississauga, Ontario

Occupation: Teacher

Year: 2023


  • Curriculum
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Education Policy


This paper proposes that the Seven Grandfather Teachings be used as a framework to rebuild a destreamed grade nine English curriculum in Ontario. Until recently students and their families were required to make a choice upon entering Secondary school which determined their post-secondary educational options. This system perpetuated systemic racism and worked to limit the success of all students. There is an opportunity to use the Seven Grandfather teachings as a framework to deliver a Culturally Relevant Responsive pedagogy that will support all students. The current English curriculum is skill based and does specify what types of text be used in instruction. Lesson materials in classrooms at present are determined by the individual school and available funding. Educators and stakeholders will need to work together to dismantle the current colonial structure and thoughtfully rebuild a grade nine English curriculum that is reflective of the students it is designed to serve.

Student Biography

Kelly Bond is a High School English teacher living in Mississauga, Ontario. She earned her B.A. in English from York University in Toronto and her teaching degree from Medaille College in New York State. She is a proud mom of three and an avid traveler.