School District 87 – Atlin School

High School Multi-Grade Practicum Teacher

Theme: Public Education and Rural Education
Age Group: Secondary
Associated Costs: Travel to Atlin

Position Description

Students are asked to develop a professional teaching relationship with the students, where multi-grades are taught simultaneously taught. Sometimes the entire class can engage, such as PE and other courses such as Math each grade engages with the teacher as they work on their individual program. The courses being taught in the spring: Math 8-11, Social Studies 8-12, Careers 8-9, Career Life, ADST 8/9.

Expected hours Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Fridays 8:00 AM to 1230 PM
# of placements 1

Organization Information

Atlin School is located in the mountainous region of the northwestern tip of BC (2 hours from Whitehorse YT). The class ranges from Gr. 8-12 blended learning – using online courses as well as direct classroom instruction. There are 4 Gr. 8, 3 Gr. 9 (one modified student), 1 Gr. 10, 2 Gr. 11 and 1 Gr. 12. This is a dynamic, fun, active, and engaging group.

Applicant should be patient, engaging, fun and interactive and enjoy working with teenagers. There is a diversity of learning needs in the Gr. 8-12 group. No cellphone coverage in Atlin – until about 55 km towards Whitehorse. Internet is available at Atlin School and the BC Service Center. No busing nor taxi services. All ammenities are close and within 5 km (can be biked or walked). This is a small community that will be curious about you so feel free and open to interact with the community members. We tend to wave as we walk by, bike by or drive by each other. The community consists of the school, health clinic, paramedic station, two small stores, hardware store/postoffice, garage/gas station, two restaurants, a lounge at rec centre and a saloon, plus two inns. This is a beautiful, mountainous, forested area next to BC’s largest natural lake. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts i.e. hiking, fishing, biking etc. Also, please note wild animals are commonly seen as they migrate through the community i.e. bears.