Okanagan Indian Band Cultural Immersion School

Theme: Indigenous Education / Studies
Location: Vernon
Age Group: Elementary and Middle Years

Position Description

Practicum students will assist with program delivery, program preparation and planning as needed. The teacher candidate will be welcome to design educational materials or a lesson if it fits during their three-week field experience.

Expected hours //
# of placements 1


Organization Information

The dream of having a cultural school rooted in sqilxʷ ways of life became a reality on September 7, 2006. The opening of the school was reliant on the determination, cooperation and support of Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) elders, parents, educators, and community members. The educational experience at nk̓maplqs iʔ snm̓am̓ay̓aʔtn iʔ k̓l sqilxʷtət is unique and provides the opportunity for students to excel in sqilxʷ cultural and language learning. Teachers and instructors thoughtfully plan the academic and sqilxʷ programs meeting and exceeding provincial curriculum standards, connecting curriculum to sqilxʷ cultural perspectives. The school offers a student-centered approach to teaching and learning based on individual student strengths and interests.

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