Let’s Talk Science

Teacher Partnership Program Developer

Theme: Science Education
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Elementary and Secondary

Position Description

The UBC Okanagan Let’s Talk Science Teacher Partnership Program (TPP) matches a UBC teacher candidate with one K-12 classroom and educator in BC. The teacher candidate works with an educator to create and deliver hands-on/minds-on science activities as a means to engage children and youth and get them interested in the sciences. The educator contact is provided by Let’s Talk Science or the teacher candidate contacts educators on their own. The teacher candidate work with the educator (prior to the three-week field experience) to decide on STEM topics, and either develops these activities or uses pre-made Let’s Talk Science activities. The goal is for the teacher candidate to meet three times with the same educator and their class to deliver STEM activities during the three-week field experience. Meetings with the class will be virtual

Organization Information

Let’s Talk Science is committed to developing youth who are creative, critical thinkers and knowledgeable citizens prepared to participate and thrive in a complex global environment.

An award-winning, national, charitable organization, Let’s Talk Science has provided engaging, evidence-based STEM programs for more than 25 years at no cost for Canadian youth and educators. Through the generous support of our partners and donors, we are able to provide educators with opportunities to discover and use effective learning strategies to develop and strengthen students’ questioning and problem-solving skills; and offer experiential and digital programs that engage youth in meaningful STEM learning.

Since its inception in 1993, Let’s Talk Science has impacted more than 8.5 million Canadian youth.

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