Learning Garden – UBC Okanagan School of Education

Learning Garden Steward

Theme: Sustainability / Environmental Studies
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Early Years, Elementary, and Secondary

Position Description

The first week or so working in the UBCO Learning Garden. This would consist of planning, designing, digging garden beds, planting seeds and generally preparing the Learning Garden site. This period of time there would be discussion and lesson planning of how the Learning Garden could serve as a site to accommodate and support sustainability and interdisciplinary instruction including Language, Literacy, Physical Education, and the Arts as well as STEM/STEAM and Indigeneity. During the final two weeks the students would be placed in a learning garden in a school in the Okanagan, where they would volunteer their energies and help organize and prepare that learning garden and perhaps assist with students” instructional activities.

Expected hours //
# of placements 3
French possible? No

Organization Information

A Learning Garden helps to promote the principles of sustainable environmental practice and responsible stewardship of nature while teaching and inspiring students and teachers on how to create their own gardens on school grounds.

The Learning Garden at UBC Okanagan is located adjacent to the natural pond behind the Engineering, Management and Education building. It is made up of six raised planter boxes and a small greenhouse.

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