Kingfisher Interpretive Centre

Environmental Educator

Theme: Sustainability / Environmental Studies
Location: Enderby
Age Group: Elementary

Position Description

The teacher candidates will assist with outdoor, experiential, educational program development and delivery for elementary aged students. There is an entire forest to utilize with some pretty fun options for the participants. The more hands-on, the better for the schoolchildren to learn from and become engaged.

The placement will occur entirely outdoors.

Expected hours Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
# of placements 1


Organization Information

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society is a not-for-profit salmon hatchery and environmental education centre. We are situated on 10 acres of forested land along the Shuswap River providing participants with potentially life-changing experiences.

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre has been providing place-based, hands-on, outdoor learning options to K-7 students for over 30 years. Students will travel to the site throughout April – June each year to engage in experiential environmental learning. The main topics that are shared involve salmon, watersheds, aquatic invertebrates, Indigenous life-ways and more. The students are already actively engaged in salmon stewardship activities through their involvement with the “Stream to Sea” program where the children raise salmon throughout the school year in their classrooms. The schoolchildren have developed an understanding, awareness and empathy for the species, watershed and the habitats required for the salmon to survive. They will also enjoy releasing their young salmon into the natural world during their visit. Feedback from teachers and students over the years has told us that their field trip to our Centre is the favourite of the year and has become a rite of passage at many schools.

The location of the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre is roughly 25 minutes from Enderby towards Mabel Lake.

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