Freiburg University, Germany

Teacher Candidate

Theme: International Placement
Location: International
Age Group: Elementary and Middle Years
Associated Costs: Airfare, Personal Costs (e.g. meals). See position description for details

Position Description

The candidate will be placed in a grade and subject near the age group and subjects they taught in Canada. For the first few days, teacher candidates will usually observe classes being taught, assist whenever possible, and get used to the rhythm and flow of the school. By the middle to the end of the first week, teacher candidates are encouraged to try their hand at teaching lessons, and in the second week they should be teaching one or two (or more) lessons a day, or teaching what they and their hosts feel comfortable with.

Some potential CFE activities include:

  • Observe, assist and teach in a grade/subject areas similar to that taught in Canada
  • Observe, assist and teach English and English as a Second Language
  • Observe and assist other grades and subjects in the school
  • Observe and assist with teacher specialists
  • Observe and assist with field trips and after school activities
  • Present an overview of Canada. Candidates will be in schools four days/week with extended weekends to be used for cultural events and travel in the area
Expected hours Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
# of placements 6

This placement has the ability to host French candidates. 

Associated Cost

Airfare (personal, flyer points) approx: $1300
Trip Costs $3200
Go Global Award – $1000
Total approx: $3500
Personal costs and food is individual

Organization Information

The Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg was one of UBC’s first international CFE partners, and they have been hosting and placing UBC teacher candidates in Freiburg’s public and private school system since 2012. Usually, students are assigned to a school in or near Freiburg.

Location: Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg University, Germany Website