Balsam School

Teacher's Assistant

Theme: French Education and Independent School
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Elementary
Expected Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 3:15 pm
Number of Placements: 6
Preferred Candidate Stream: Teaching children
Language: English and French

Position Description

The teacher candidate(s) will support our teachers, and sometimes take the lead, in teaching in all of our classrooms: on campus, in community spaces (Museum, Art Gallery, City Hall etc.), and in nature (Mission Creek Park, Helen’s Acres Farm, Waterfront Park, etc.).

It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your idea of how/where rich learning happens, learn about Core Routines for guiding students’ learning in many settings, and see new connections across the BC Curriculum.

The Balsam School is an active learning environment and moves through a variety of spaces in our community, some are more accessible than others for individuals with mobility limitations. We strive to be as inclusive and supportive as possible within our many ‘classroom’ settings, and will work with Teacher Candidates to create an accessibility plan if needed.

Organization Information

We are a premier independent elementary school in Kelowna that brings the best parts of learning together: nature, school and community. We serve students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in an innovative, inquiry based, and student-centred learning model. Our team of educators are highly qualified, passionate, and eager to continue deepening their teaching practices to ensure we are combining best practices in education with our unique approach to the BC Curriculum.

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