Sumer Seiki, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: EME 3161

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Science education; narrative inquiry; social justice

Courses & Teaching

EPSE 468 (3) Creating Positive Learning Environments for Inclusive Education


Dr. Seiki has served in education for well over twenty years. For her research contributions to teacher education and interdisciplinary research, Dr. Seiki recently won the 2020 American Education Research Association Early Career Award from the Narrative SIG. Recently at the University of California, Riverside School of Education she was the Assistant Dean and Director of Teacher Education Programs. In this role, she directed the teacher education credential programs and partnered with local school districts. She was also an associate professor of teacher education at the University of San Francisco exploring familial curriculum, ethic studies, community cultural wealth, and science teacher education. Dr. Seiki has a breadth of knowledge of teacher credentialing, earning her multiple subject teacher credential from the bilingual multicultural teacher education program. She is dedicated to creating more inclusive schools and classrooms.

Dr. Seiki has a strong record in plant biology. She earned her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology. She taught introductory plant biology and biology courses at a few California universities. She brings her years of plant research and teaching to our campus.


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Ph.D. in Science Education, UC Davis
B.S. and M.S. in Plant Biology, UC Davis
Multiple subject teacher credential, bilingual multicultural teacher education program (BMED), Sacramento State University

Selected Publications & Presentations

Seiki, S. (2023).Uncovering Embodied Community Cultural Wealth: Hung dee moy Brings Forth New Possibilities. LEARNing Landscapes, 16(1) 243-256.

Seiki S., Domínguez D., & Asato J. (2021). Remaking Science Teaching: Border Crossing Between Home and School. LEARNing Landscapes14(1), 363-378.

Gray PL. and Seiki S. (2020). Institutional Performativity Pressure and First-Year
Teachers. Front. Educ. 5:71. doi: 10.3389/feduc.2020.00071

Seiki S. and Gray PL. (2020).Urban Classroom Rainforest Installation: A Portal for Student Learning. Schools, 17(1), 92-114

Seiki S. (2019). Living Restoration: Discipline over Punishment: Successes and Struggles with Restorative Justice in Schools, Multicultural Perspectives, 21:3, 174-176, DOI: 10.1080/15210960.2019.1657710

Seiki S. (2018). OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING: Students thoughtfully engage in problem-based learning and civically engage in a timely issue. Science and Children56(4), 58–66.

Seiki S. (2018). The Formidable: Chinatown Enclave Educators’ Agency and Resistance in Gale de Saxe J. & Gourd T. (Eds.). Radical Educators Rearticulating Education and Social Change (pp. 64 -80). Routledge.

Seiki S., Caine V. & Huber J. (2018). Narrative Inquiry as a Social Justice Practice. Multicultural Education, 26:1,11-16

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

American Education Research Association, Narrative SIG

National Science Teachers Association

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