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Dr. Vicki Green

Vicki Green, BEd MEd PhD (Victoria)

Professor Emeritus


Research and Teaching Areas

  • Elementary Social Studies
  • Curriculum
  • Social and Cultural Issues
  • Economic Education
  • Inquiry Learning
  • Historical Imagination and Representation


Fly-fishing satisfies my curiosity, creativity and inquiry while being immersed in varied wild environments.

Dr. Green teaches 
undergraduates Social Issues, Social Studies Methods and graduate 
students Learning Beyond the Classroom at UBC's Okanagan campus. She received her BEd from UBC, a MEd (thesis) from U of S and a PhD from UVic.

Currently, Vicki's research includes working with small community museums, 
galleries, historic sites and natural environments to build capacity 
for interdisciplinary learning through oral history, digital short 
films, model making and field studies. How do students enter imaginatively into the past when working with archival material? Her research explores creative theorists whose work supports this understanding.

Dr. Green's international research is on financial literacy. Radical cultural, social, political and economic changes have increased women's financial capacity as earners and investors. How have women educated themselves?

Prior to joining the university, Vicki taught multiple grades and worked with teaching assistants in K-7 rural schools.

Dr. Green has worked at University of Saskatchewan, University of Victoria and Okanagan University College.

Please follow the links to learn more about Dr. Green's work with current students:

International Association for Citizenship, Social & Economics Education Article: You want to be a teacher? Then get out of the classroom. April 2012

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