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Margaret Macintyre Latta profileMargaret Macintyre Latta, BEd MA PhD (Calgary)

Director of Graduate Programs &

Director, Communities of Scholar-Practitioners



PHONE: 250-807-8119



Margaret Macintyre Latta is a former classroom teacher at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels, who returned to graduate studies compelled by John Dewey's (1938) assertion that within aesthetic experience is a learning approach and direction. The aesthetic is understood as attention to the creating process, primary to the arts, permeating all learning—thus adapting, changing, building, and making meaning. Her scholarship addresses the integral role of aesthetic considerations such as attentiveness to participatory thinking, emotional commitment, felt freedom, dialogue and interaction, and speculation within the acts of teaching and learning. She terms these neglected epistemological assumptions, elemental to learners and learning. She believes the aesthetic merits serious consideration as a pragmatic and philosophical necessity missing in much schooling. Aesthetic teaching/learning contexts call for rethinking and revaluing what is educationally important. She is committed to the primacy of teachers in the lives of their students and the long-term impact on the future, contributing to the scholarship regarding school curriculum, teacher education, and professional development reform initiatives.

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