Greg WetterstrandGreg Wetterstrand, BEd BFA MEd PhD (Simon Fraser)

Associate Professor


PHONE: 250.807.8110


Teaching Areas

Educational Drama, Curriculum Theory, Social and Cultural Issues, Health and Career Education, Drama in English Language Arts Education, and courses in the Summer Institute.


Dr. Wetterstrand obtained his Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Education degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. He earned his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in Arts Education.


Dr. Wetterstrand has taught in the K-12 public school system, and the 9-12 independent school system. He has taught at the University of Saskatchewan, Okanagan University College and at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus.


Dr. Wetterstrand has written about educational drama, the connections between educational drama and critical thinking, educational drama as a learning medium especially where a balance of interdisciplinarity or syntegration occurs among subject areas, notions of guerilla curriculum, tensions and stresses in the practicum, improvisation/role-play pedagogy in the academe, play, moral/character education, social and emotional learning/health, and issues of social justice.


Dr. Wetterstrand serves on several Faculty of Education committees. He serves on Senate and is Vice-Chair of the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline. He is a school board member for First Lutheran Elementary school. Dr. Wetterstrand is also actively involved with elementary schools assisting with science fairs, spelling bees and professional development.

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