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Catherine BroomCatherine Broom, PhD

Associate Professor



Research and Teaching Areas

  • Social Studies Methods
  • History and Philosophies
  • History of Education and Curriculum
  • Ecological Education
  • Culture and Education
  • Alternative and Holistic Educational Practices

Citizenship as humanity, grounded in care...

Humanity is an activity of the heart, which requires emotional engagement in the lives of other people.  It is comprised of living an ethical and empathetic existence in which one sees “oneself as another” (Ricoeur, 1990).  Logic and reason are necessary, but they must be linked to an emotion of care for others (Noddings, 2003): logic divorced from care can bring horrifying consequences, such as the Holocaust.  Emotions give “spirit” to logic.  Care views all people as part of a common humanity.  Care connects us together into local and global communities. 

Community is understood in the Deweyian (1916) sense of being connected to others through shared concerns that give rise to both rights and responsibilities.  These shared concerns include the fostering of nurturing environments through the provision of social goods, such as healthcare and security, and the support of initiatives and procedures that foster equity.  The community is “thin” (Olssen, 2006) in that it allows for difference and diversity within and can coexist with multiple, overlapping communities. Catherine Broom, 2010

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