Willowstone Academy

Theme: Independent School
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Early Years, Elementary, and Secondary

Position Description

The three-week field experience will incorporate liaising with the Chief Learning Officer to co-create a school-based inquiry of interest. In our experience, teacher candidates benefit from a self-directed and broad experience in many classrooms and collaborating with many teachers. Our community benefits from the reflections and culminating project of the candidate’s inquiry.

It is important for the CFE candidate to come to our learning community with a strong interest or inquiry. We want this learning experience to be meaningful and collaborative. It’s an opportunity to explore teaching and learning in a hands-on way.

Organization Information

Willowstone Academy is a model Learn Forward school serving children ages 6 months through Gr 9 with seamless education and care. Our manifesto states our cause to “champion the extraordinary potential that lives within every child.” We are focused this year on being a change-ready school, along with an academic goal of making thinking and learning visible. Our communal growth mindset is the perfect place for a teacher candidate to explore and grow.

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