SD23 Strong Start Program

Teacher Candidate

Theme: Early Childhood Education
Location: Lake Country
Age Group: Early Years

Position Description

This three-week field experience offers a variety of meaningful observation and hands-on learning experiences in the 0-5 age group. Early learning is the key to setting up children for success in both education and life and our StrongStart programs focus on the development of the whole child. Teacher candidates will work alongside qualified E.C.E. educators in one of our 8 centres. They will be involved in early-learning programs that foster a joy of learning in a safe play-based learning environment. In these observation and hands-on learning experiences, the candidate will learn what is looks like to support, challenge and nurture the children’s potential, growth and development by building and respecting the unique qualities each child brings to our program. The candidate will have the opportunity to help develop activities and lead during this drop-in program. StrongStart aims to offer a wide variety of play-based learning, inclusive of all curriculum areas.

Expected hours Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for StrongStart, with an option to support with ECE educator in the Kindergarten classrooms 1:00-2:15 p.m.
# of placements 6
French possible? No

Organization Information

StrongStart is a free drop-in program offered to parents and caregivers with children ages zero to five years old. StrongStart program emphasizes learning through play, language and positive social interactions. StrongStart provides a rich learning environment, designed for early learning development. Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities where children find opportunities to make friends and interact with others of similar ages. The overall learning experience is shared as parents and caregivers attend with their children and are encouraged to get involved in activities like telling stories, playing games and serving healthy snacks.

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