School District 87 Stikine

Practicum Teacher

Theme: Rural Education
Location: Outside the Lower Mainland/Rural BC
Age Group: Secondary

Position Description

The teacher candidate will administer the WCLN online/classroom blended programs for English, Science, Math and Social Studies for each grade. The candidate will teach and assist high school students in developing their understanding of concepts and contribute to creating new activities to supplement the online program. Electives provide students an opportunity to design educational materials. The candidate may also participate in the running club as well as the track and field team.

Organization Information

School District 87 has the largest geographical region consisting of Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake, Lower Post and Atlin. Atlin School is located in the remote northwestern tip of BC on the land of the Taku River Tlingit Peoples. Travelers must transport through the Yukon to reach Atlin. The school ranges from Grades K-11 that are placed into 3 classrooms. Primary, elementary and the high-school. The high school classroom consists of eight students ranging through Grades 7-11. The community is breathtaking and ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.

Atlin School is a rural school with high school students who play tag or hide and seek at lunchtime with the supervisor. The students do not have cellphones as our town does not have cellphone coverage. The students play well together and know each other very well. Most members within the school population of 26 students (Grades K-11) are within the same families. Our area celebrates the Taku River Tlingit Nation as well as a long history of gold mining. This position is recommended for someone who wants to experience a rural posting with a small, multi-grade class. A sense of humor and desire to build relationships with the students is important to the students. The students want to relate to their teachers. The local youth coordinator volunteers in the class to help the students, especially with multi-media projects.

Location: Atlin, BC

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