North Okanagan Therapeutic Riding Association

Therapeutic horseback riding Lead Walker or Side Walker, Ranch Hand, Marketer

Theme: Health and Wellness
Location: Vernon
Age Group: Early Years, Elementary, Middle Years, Secondary, Adult, and Seniors
Associated Costs: Volunteer Lead-Walkers and Side-Walkers, Ranch Hands

Position Description

Students would partake in our 3 to 4 hour volunteer orientation training located at our ranch to prepare them for our Spring Therapeutic programs for kids and adults with special needs. They will be hands on experience learning to groom, feed, and tack up our therapeutic horses. During session, they will arrive at the ranch to assist with getting the horses tacked up and warmed up before lessons begin. They will assist our participants with their safety equipment and then bring the rider into our riding arena to start exercises and stretching on the horses. The teachers are the lead walkers and side walkers should one or two be needed for a participant who has low to zero core strength. The lessons are 45 minutes long and we run 6 per day. Once each lesson is finished, all of the equipment goes back to storage and gets sanitized before the next lesson. There is a 30 minute break in between lessons to allow time to check phone, email, and take a break, before getting ready for the next lesson. We start at 8:45am to 9am for the volunteers to arrive and get things ready, and the first lesson starts at 9:30am. Last lesson of the day ends at 5:45pm.

Expected hours Shifts range from Monday to Thursday 8:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., Friday and Saturday is 8:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.
# of placements 10

Organization Information

With the help of horses, we engage the body, mind, and spirit of people living with special needs. Since 1984, NOTRA has been dedicated to providing therapeutic recreational horseback riding lessons and equine-assisted activities for individuals with special needs. Our mission is to provide a fun and safe community of inclusion for children and adults of all ages, regardless of ability, including those who are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional challenges.

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